Cosmetic fillers are a popular choice for cosmetic treatments as they provide uplifting results without surgery. These injectable agents are an effective solution to define, shape and even restore the facial volume that often depletes with age.


Restylane | Juvederm | Revanesse | Teosyal

GLOW M+D Clinics uses hyaluronic acid fillers in their treatments, a range of products that is comprised of the same sugar compounds found in skin cells. This minimizes any reaction to the product as it gradually reabsorbs into your body’s tissues.

How long results last depend on the area of face that is treated.  

Initially, lips typically last 4-6 months, while most other areas typically last 9-12 months. Many, have also experienced longer durations.  


For longer lasting volume replacement (up to 3 years) GLOW M+D Clinics uses SCULTPRA in their treatments.

A collagen stimulator that is used to build the lost volume in your face by stimulating your own collagen production and your body's own natural cellular processes. 

The result over time, is a healthier glow to your skin and a natural rejuvenated look.


Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP) is a specialized preparation of your own blood cells to harness the benefits of various growth factors and healing properties.  Due to the presence of high concentrations of these growth factors, PRP has been used in a wide variety of surgical procedures and clinical treatments.

PRP is becoming widely recognized as the body's natural source of rejuvenation and anti-aging and is showing great results in the stimulation and regeneration of collagen and fibroblasts - revitalizing both skin, facial volume and hair. 

Aging of human skin results from a combination of gradual decline in function over time (intrinsic aging) and cumulative damage caused by environmental factors (extrinsic aging).   

By reintroducing these growth factors and healing properties back into the skin, there is a rejuvenating effect seen on skin and an improvement in clinical appearance and new collagen synthesis.

GLOW M+D CLINICS uses PRP to restore and rejuvenate areas that have lost volume and require a boost in nourishment.    

As a "volumizer", PRP acts as a progressive stimulator of areas that have lost volume and skin health and can be injected directly into areas for a gradual rejuvenation over time.  This treatment is often referred to as the "Vampire Facelift".    

As a "nourisher", PRP can be used as the active agent that is reintroduced back into the skin in combination with procedures like MICRONEEDLING.  This treatment is often referred to as the "Vampire Facial." 

For "Stronger, Thicker and Fuller Hair", PRP has been known to stimulate and nourish hair for in clients that are experiencing early loss and thinning of hair.


Filler treatments can be safely repeated over time, and you will find that the results will last longer with each successive treatment.  

Some clients may experience slight discomfort during treatment, but most find the injections to be painless when a local anaesthetic is used.

For filler treatments to specific areas of the face, a consult is required.  A full assessment is completed and you will be provided with a GLOW plan to achieve your desired results.  

Areas most commonly treated are :

Upper Face : Forehead, Temples, Infraorbital Area (Under Eyes), Cheeks

Mid Face :  Nose, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)

Lower Face :  Lips, Oral Commissures (Smile Lines), Chin, Jawline 



Please note : we do not charge by the syringe, rather we charge by area and desired result as everyone's needs are unique.  

$390 - $750


$650 - $1700 per session

$750 per treatment

$750 per treatment

$650 per treatment

PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP)   "Vampire Facelift"

PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP)   "Healthy, Thicker, Stronger Hair"


CONSULTATIONS ARE COMPLIMENTARY, we will review the facial filler treatment process with you and provide you with a quote prior to your treatment.  

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