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There are a myriad of solutions, beauty fixes, anti-aging potions and lotions out there.  How do you know what will work for you ?

You have questions.  We have answers.

AND if we don't have an answer, we'll reach out to our extensive network to find one for you. 



If you are seeking to find out how you can Maintain, Refresh, or Renew YOUR YOUTHFUL GLOW - we can help. 

Our goal for every interaction with you and our team is based on educating you on your options and providing you with the solutions that match your needs.

Through the use of Advanced Aesthetics (The Science and Art of Beauty), we will build YOUR GLOW MATRIX - a map for you to get to where you want to be from a GLOW M+D perspective.  



Our founder and lead injector has not only obtained the appropriate training he, in fact, has trained and worked with many of the leading cosmetic experts in the industry since 2007 whether they be a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetic physician, nurse or dentist.

Jason is a highly sought after Nurse Injector and cosmetic injection trainer across North America, a guest speaker at many of the cosmetic industry’s conferences and has advised and consulted on the topic of injectables and advanced aesthetics for multiple media outlets and publications.

Jason Olandesca graduated from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary in 1998. He has previously held clinical positions in Emergency, Medical, Occupational Health, Dermatology, Oral, Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgical Units.

In 2007, he became responsible for developing and facilitating the advanced injection practice training program for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hyaluronic acid fillers. As such, he has had the very unique experience of training and working with some of North America’s leading injectors and pioneers in the cosmetic injectable industry and has been invited to participate and present in a number of conferences, training programs and courses offered for both beginner and advanced injectors.

In 2009, he founded GMI Practice Solutions to support and assist the growth and development of new and existing medical, dental and health practices with a focus on integrating “Business into Practice.”

He has trained hundreds of injectors from various fields of practice including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, cosmetic physicians and nurses on the science and art of neuromodulators and dermal filler injections. 

In his continuous pursuit to be at the leading edge of the art and science of injectables, Jason was thrilled to find the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics (PTIFA) program a perfect balance of academic evidence and clinically-based practice experience that aims to train all levels of injectors to provide them with a high level of competence and a high degree of skill. He was also excited to see that the PTIFA is building a strong community of injectors that actively network to learn from each other to advance techniques and raise the bar on clients’ expectations of the “qualified injector” in the industry. He was invited to become a member of the faculty at the PTIFA in 2015. 

Jason is an active member of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses, The Dermatology Nurses Association, and the Alberta Society of Aesthetic Nurses.


Natasha Rae

CNP, OHP/NCP, Aesthetician

Natasha is an Aesthetician and Certified Nutritional Practitioner specialized in helping others find their way to healthy beautiful skin. 

After overcoming twelve long years of ongoing acne herself, utilizing an integrative approach using food, exercise, skincare, and lifestyle changes - Natasha decided nothing would bring her greater joy than sharing her knowledge and success with others. 

With over 12 years Aesthetic experience, Natasha uses many of today’s modern skin care treatments and integrates them with holistic and nutritional practices in order to address the root cause of skin conditions. By working from the inside out and the outside in, results are faster, healthier and longer-lasting.

Natasha works with acne, pre-mature aging, pigmentation, eczema, and more. Services include corrective facials, microdermabrasion, peels, LED light therapy, micro-needling, and nutrition coaching designed for skin health, balancing hormones and general health.